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Kaiwu Pearl Mondello
Licensed Acupuncture Physician

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6550 N. Wickham-sign.jpg
6550 N. Wickham Rd. #7
Melbourne, FL 32940

Acupuncture Physician Kaiwu Mondello has loved overcoming difficult challenges ever since she was a little girl in China. Growing up in China she experienced firsthand the beneficial results of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to cure her premature grey hair and indigestion problem as a teenager.  Through that experience, from seeing Traditional Chinese Medicine’s ability to cure medical difficulties, it planted a seed in her heart that she wanted to be a Chinese Medicine doctor.


With little more than a dream in her heart, desiring to bring the very best of the ancient wisdom in Chinese medicine overseas, and with an opportunity to pursue school in the US, Kaiwu boldly immigrated alone from China in 2000. Emboldened by her passion, Kaiwu chose to pursue medicine technology. As a first step, she worked as a software engineer in the field of medical technology where she helped to develop lifesaving training mannequins for US Army medics dealing with the traumas of battlefield injuries. At the same time, she was self-studying classic Chinese medicine books, and following the contemporary TCM master, gaining in-depth understanding of human biological systems. This was an eye-opening experience as she came to understand that there was so much students cannot learn from physiology, etiology and psychology classes in a typical school setting. It became clear to her that TCM could help patients in ways that conventional medicine could not. Pursuing her goal, she gained her medical diploma from the Florida College of Integrative Medicine and became a licensed Acupuncture Physician.


With her passion and skill, Kaiwu has served many hundreds of patients relieving their back pain, knee pain, arthritis problems, and specific health challenges related to women’s health.  She is passionate and skillful in treating aging related health issues like fatigue, memory decline, skin and/or muscle weakness, etc.


Devoted to her family and her medical career, Kaiwu loves her husband Peter, a Reverend in the Christian & Missionary Alliance Church, and their son, Andy. She enjoys cooking healthy Oriental dishes such as: black chicken soup (yummy), black rice porridge and Chinese dumplings. She knows good health starts from a healthy kitchen. She also likes walking and biking with her family.


Today, with her own private clinic located in the suites at 6550 N. Wickham Road, alongside Dr. Pelchat, DC., Kaiwu is very excited as she sees her dream of helping people through Traditional Chinese Medicine come true. If you are in pain and/or suffering, come in for a visit and you will be surprised at how TCM works.

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