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The reason why I say, “it depends” is because different food energies act upon the human body in different ways.

TCM often distinguishes the human body into “cold” or “hot” types. 

You might wonder: Is an apple a day good?

Or are bananas better than apples?

But, there are no absolute answers to such questions.

It is better to ask:

Is an apple a day good for me?

Which is better for me, peaches or bananas?

Those questions can be answered correctly.

The “Thermo-Properties of Foods” chart (see below) shows that different foods generate sensations either “hot” or “cold” in the human body.

We can use this chart to help maintain Yin-Yang harmony (homeostasis).

Please feel free to ask me about the “Thermo-Properties of Foods” and which foods are best for you! (see chart below)

Energies of Foods.png
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